Final Photography Assignment

17 11 2009

The parameters for this assignment are open-ended; however the images must be technically correct and creative in content and aesthetics.

When looking for project ideas try to think small. Look at the world around you: your friends, family, activities, neighborhood, etc. What are you’re interests and what do you find to be interesting. From there you should be able to narrow your topic.

If you’re stuck, then email me. I will be more than willing to help you, but please do not contact me via the blog. Email is best.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: You will hand in ONE folder with the heading “yourlastname_final.” Within the folder you will submit all the image you shot for the assignment. The image you show in class will be titled yourlastname_final01.jpg, yourlastname_final02.jpg, and so on.

Two to Three images will be due in the drop box for class critique at the beginning of class 13 (Sections 6 &7: December 3rd; Section 2: December 7th).

If the assignment is not in the drop box by the start of class, the assignment will be considered a day late. Failure to follow the directions will result in a lower grade. All images must be shot this semester.